Has your server infrastructure become bloated? Utilize our experience in virtualization to downsize your hardware investment and monthly expenses.

Most servers spend a majority of their life idle, waiting for a data request or application process. Meanwhile, you spend time and money maintaining and powering them. By combining multiple "Virtual" servers into one physical server, you can significantly reduce your server investment, monthly maintenance, power consumption, and server room footprint, all while improving performance. It's proven. How do we know? Because here at Hench Engineering, Inc., we use virtualization for our systems!

We are proud to support VMware ESX server, the leader in bare metal virtualization operating systems. There are other new kids on the block, but VMware is industry proven, cost effective, amazingly fast, and most important of all, extremely reliable.

Leverage your server investment and processor power. VMware will simplify your server room, speed your systems and applications, improve reliability, and best of all, save you money.