Hench Engineering, Inc. Shark Reef:

The Amazing Hench Engineering, Inc. Shark Reef - over 1,000 gallons of salt water, with living corrals, eels, fish, invertebrates, and of course, SHARKS!

Click on the links below to load the MPEG videos, but be forewarned: These babies are up to 5 megs, and depending on your connection speed, can take a while to download. You need Windows Media Player, RealPlayer, or some other MPEG player, and if your connection isn't smokin' fast, you'll need to save the file to your local machine after it's done downloading to view it at full speed. These vids will play in full screen mode so you can see the detail.

The Shark Reef was custom built by Hench Engineering, Inc. Everything in this semi-self-sustaining system, from the tank, to the plumbing, the lighting, the stand, the enclosure and even the amazing filter system was designed and built right here. To our knowledge, it is STILL the only free-standing salt water reef containing sharks, eels, fish and corrals, ever produced.

Green Moray Eel

Watch the 5 foot Green Moray eel "Gorby" prowl the tank. He's not scared of the Blacktip shark. He was also quite friendly. Well, to me at least. I used to pet him as he swam by, and hand feed him squid. The guy I sold him to though required a visit to the hospital after Gorby decided his hand looked like lunch.

Cleaner Wrasse

More Cleaner Wrasse

Symbiosis in the tank. "Gorby" allows the wrasse to clean his teeth, and even his mouth and throat of parasites. Of course, it takes a brave wrasse to venture into the mouth of a Green Moray eel!


Check out the living corrals! Oh, and the 3 foot Blacktip shark, Gray Smoothound shark, Leopard shark, "Bozo" the Fiji Clown Trigger, Bearded Grouper, and....

Hawaiian Dragon Moray

"Grif" the Hawaiian Dragon Moray eel checks out the prowling Leopard sharks.

Lemon Sharks

Two 2 1/2 foot Lemon sharks join the Blacktip, and the corrals have grown!

Shark Attack!

Watch the Blacktip and Lemon sharks come right at you!

More Reef!

More vid of the sharks and corrals


Watch some sucker swim with a small Blacktip shark, as well as Triggers, Groupers, the Blue Dot Stingray, and eels while doing some plumbing mods when the system was young.